At PIE, we are committed and dedicated to doing whatever it takes to find success, and we are here to help you with your goals.

Our Department of Higher Education will assist students in the enhancement of their academic boundaries, as well as the navigation of their journey throughout college. Our counselors work tirelessly to ensure that your academic profile progression, scholarship opportunities, mentoring, and visa processing are resolved with the utmost transparency and professionalism. Our dedicated Study Abroad team works individually with every student to ensure the success of their academic targets. Apart from networking, the friends and faculties you meet along the journey are crucial in determining what kind of career might be applicable to you. And for that, working with a team with the same mentality and commonality as yours really contributes a lot to understanding your field of interest. 

Deciding on a college or a university for higher education can be a very stressful journey, and selecting a major adds to the excitement. Around 50% of our students come not knowing what major they want to study at their desired university. Most of them have undecided or exploratory majors. That is where we come in; our advisors and counselors assist the students in deciding what discipline would be optimal for them. Our advisors are always ready to help you choose your subject of interest, and figure out what exactly would be the most productive for both your home country and the country of your choice. We will take your future prospects in the sector into consideration while helping you decide on the next leg of your journey. A designated advisor will be assigned to you to answer all your inquiries and help you reach your academic objectives. Any assistance required to lead you to your permanent residency will be dealt with by the advisor. So, it is absolutely natural to now know what subject you want to study at the beginning of your journey.

PIE offers unparalleled opportunities for exploration and growth as you decide on the next stage of your academic career. Come visit us in any of our branches in Dhanmondi, Banani, or Uttara; and meet our team of experts who are ready to help you determine and materialize your visions.

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