The GRE advantage

With the growing number of students considering postgraduate studies abroad, the GRE test\’s importance has ever been on the rise. While considering grad schools, students often tend to wonder: Why take the GRE? Would it add value? Is it worth the effort? Knowing about the possible implications of the GRE might essentially be the slight nudge that students often require in deciding to appear for the test.

Enhance your profile

Universities are faced with the daunting task of sieving through an immense number of applications in every round of intake. Having a GRE score can enhance your profile and make it stand out from that of other applicants. Ultimately, this can increase your chances of landing not only your admission but also your scholarship.

Prove your academic preparedness for graduate-level studies

The GRE General Test measures skills that your program of choice has identified as necessary for academic success. These include GRE verbal reasoning, GRE quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, and GRE analytical writing. Each program requires a specific blend of these skills, and the scores represent a student\’s academic abilities. Institutions can dig deeper into the applicants\’ readiness for grad school using the scores and identify which students are likely to struggle academically and which students will fit right into the curriculum.

Go up against applicants from different backgrounds

GRE scores are the only standardized and objective element of an application. Students from diverse backgrounds and experiences can apply for the same program, and the GRE score can give the fairest comparison of competencies. This can act as a reasonable assurance that a student willing to switch majors will not struggle, instead of enhancing classroom diversity.

Get the program of your choosing

Some grad programs exclusively require a GRE score. Without such, you cannot apply for that program. On the other hand, some programs may not require GRE scores but recommend them. Even then, it might be a good idea to go ahead and take the test as it adds an extra component to your application. It would help if you tried to make use of every possible opportunity to boost your chances of getting into your chosen program.

Cut down on your costs

GRE scores are used as solid parameters to determine applicants \’ eligibility for merit-based funding. If your goal is to secure that funding and minimize your tuition fees, GRE is the way to go. A GRE score might not be a requirement in making an application for many universities but can still be a criterion used when considering students for scholarships.

Compensate for your weaknesses

Accidents do happen. If your application has unavoidable weaknesses such as a low grade or sub-par letters of recommendation, GRE scores can cover up for that. Nobody can practically have a perfect application, and thus, understanding that there are ways to revamp your application\’s attractiveness can be the difference-maker for your application.

Get that Visa!

It isn’t uncommon for Visa officers to ask for your GRE scores when sanctioning your visa. A good GRE score can give that added advantage to reassure that your visa gets approved seamlessly.

Climb up the ranks

Top-ranked universities often prioritize an excellent GRE score when looking at applications. When the competition is immense, an outstanding standardized exam score in addition to other elements of the application can be the slight advantage that will tilt the decision in your favor.

Expand your horizon

GRE is a standardized test that has worldwide acceptance. Thus, with a good GRE score, you can explore your options for grad studies in an unfettered manner in countries like the USA, Canada, the UK, Sweden, Switzerland, and so on.

Secure an employment

Many organizations have implemented adaptations of GRE-type questions in their recruitment processes. You can ace such assessments and be one step closer to an employment opportunity of your desire if you have experience with taking the GRE test.

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