How To Utilize Your GRE Practice Test Result More Effectively

A lot depends on the approach that a candidate takes in preparing for a GRE test. It is the most preferred method for all candidates to start taking the GRE Practice Test to finalize their GRE preparation. However, it is essential to understand the purpose of such practice tests and effectively incorporate them into your GRE preparation.

Use the GRE Practice Test as a diagnostic

The GRE practice test can be a great diagnostic test to start things off. It isn’t uncommon for students to get familiarized with the GRE in this manner. You can easily have an overall idea about the exam format and questions before going through the GRE study materials.

Track your progress

You can intermittently integrate practice tests into your overall GRE prep plan. You cannot expect to understand your progress if you are only going through your study materials. It can be a good idea to occasionally take a GRE practice test to get an idea about your prep\’s effectiveness and identify the areas you need to focus on going forward.

Understand your baseline

GRE Practice test can give you the confidence you need on your prep. Students can get an idea about their baseline scores by comparing their performances in multiple practice tests. You can expect to secure a score similar to your baseline scores on the test day even if you couldn’t perform your best by any chance.

Quality over quantity

Students often get drawn into thinking that their scores will improve if they take as many practice tests as possible. While it is commendable to practice more, you should focus on mastering each practice material before moving on to the next. It has to be kept in mind that there are just a limited number of official practice tests, and improper utilization of the materials will waste time and resources.

Simulate the real test

Always try to self-administer the test in a manner that reflects the real test conditions. Before taking the practice tests, be sure to remain in a secluded place free from interruptions for the test duration. Be honest with yourself and maintain proper timing. Using the practice tests can give you the best reflection of your performance in the actual testing conditions.

Analyze, analyze, and analyze

Try to understand your GRE Mock Test scores and look at the gap between your target score and the score you achieve. Review all the questions and understand your weaknesses. Try to identify the topics you frequently make mistakes in and review those topics before moving on to another practice test. You know you are doing things the right way if your scores are improving gradually.

Work hard now to feel less pressure later

Simulating the real test conditions while taking the practice tests can put added pressure on the student. Regular practice can make the student well-habituated with the real test\’s format, timing, and delivery. It can take any test-day anxieties out of the equation. It might also be a good idea to reduce the allotted time for each section of the test to challenge yourself further.

Always maintain persistence

Make sure that you keep your nerves in check. People often revert to their old habits in stressful situations and forget all their progress. Try to eliminate such tendencies before you sit for your GRE test. While taking the practice tests, try to work methodically and strategically and remember not to repeat the same mistakes.

Don’t burn yourself out

Don’t try to cram multiple practice tests into a single day. It\’s not required to take practice tests every day either. Stressing yourself out will result in degrading your performance in each of the practice tests instead. You want to be fresh and relaxed while taking each of the practice tests.

Mix your resources

You only have a limited official practice test from ETS. It means that you will have to rely on other unofficial practice materials as well. It is an excellent idea to preserve most of the official resources for the final stages of your prep and to rely on unofficial materials in the meantime.

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