SAT Reasoning Test: Things That You Should Know About

What is SAT?

The SAT previously referred to as the Scholastic Aptitude Test, is a college entrance exam that measures a high school student’s college readiness. Like other standardized tests, a student\’s SAT Reasoning Test-specific competencies give an objective evaluation of skills. The SAT is mainly owned, developed, and administered by College Board, a private, not-for-profit organization in the USA. It provides insights into students\’ skills in three core areas: Critical Reading, Math, and Writing.

Who takes the SATs?

Most high school students willing to seek college admissions will require to sit for the SATs. The SAT score gives comparative data on students’ abilities, regardless of background and curriculum. College admissions officers will review SAT scores alongside high school grades, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, interviews, and personal essays.

When and where should the SATs be taken?

The SAT exams are typically held at least 5 times a year in countries around the world. More than 4000 colleges and universities accept SAT scores in the U.S. and 85 other countries in their admissions process. Students can take the SAT exam as many times as needed by selecting the available SAT Reasoning Test dates on the College Board website.

What is tested on the SAT?

The SAT exam has two sections:

  • SAT Math
  • SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing

The SAT also includes an optional Essay section.

The SAT score report provides a comprehensive analysis of the student\’s skills, and colleges can use the insights provided by the total score, section scores, test scores, cross-test scores, and sub-scores in the report. The CollegeBoard has designed a vertical score scale for the SATs so that the obtained score provides comparative scores across the entire suite of SAT Assessments and helps students monitor growth as they progress through high school.

Test and Exam Format

The SAT exam does not measure any subject-specific knowledge of the students. Instead, it tests their aptitude, the innate ability gained over high school and secondary school years to solve practical problems.

The SAT exam format is as follows:

Section Sub-Section Time Number of Questions
Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Reading 65 minutes 52
  Writing 35 minutes 44
Maths With Calculator 55 minutes 38
  Without Calculator 25 minutes 20

The total duration of the SAT is 3 hours. A student can choose to take the SAT Essay, which will add 50 more minutes to the total duration.

How is the SAT scored?

The overall SAT score is 1600. Each section is scored on a 200 to 800 scale, and the section scores are summed up. A separate score for the SAT essay is given on the score report.

The SAT also provides percentile scores to represent how well a student did on a particular exam compared to other students who took the SAT on the same day. The higher the percentile an SAT score is in, the better is the score compared to other students.

The SAT does not penalize incorrect answers. So, students can attempt as many questions as possible without any points being deducted for wrong answers.

How to register for the SAT?

The SAT exam fee may vary globally. For the 2020-2021 school year, the SAT cost is $52. However, every student has to create a CollegeBoard account before registering for an SAT exam. Every SAT registration allows students to send free score reports to four schools for up to nine days after the SAT Reasoning Test. Additional score reports will need to be sent by paying extra fees.

The advantages of SAT Reasoning Test

The SAT exam should not be disregarded as just another entrance exam. An SAT score has the ability to open multiple doors to reputed colleges all over the world. Colleges not only evaluate the score in the admissions process but in considering students for scholarships. But the benefit of SAT reaches far beyond that, as students build lasting skills and knowledge in English and Maths that can help them in the next stages of their lives. So, as we know the importance of SAT Reasoning Test, you might be thinking about how you can score well on SAT? You can get a good score on SAT by taking admission to a reputed institute that provides the best SAT courses in Bangladesh. When it comes to SAT Preparation Course, you can’t ignore PIE Internation Education at all. So, Enroll in our SAT Courses now, and get a good score on SAT examination.

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