Why Should I Take The IELTS Online Test?

The Computer-Based Testing service for the IELTS exam has been a game-changer for numerous candidates. The IELTS, being a test that affects the global population of potential international candidates, has become more accessible and more flexible. There are a good number of advantages if you opt to take your IELTS exam via a computer-based testing service.

Primarily, one of the things to note is that it is not a test that you can take from home. When we come across the term online test, especially nowadays, we have the impression that the test might be taken from the comfort of one’s home. That is not the case, however, in reality. The IELTS Online Test has to be taken from an authorized testing center, just like the conventional paper-based test. However, you can give the entire test on a computer which makes a lot of testing factors faster and simpler.

You Will Get Your Results Faster in IELTS Online Test!

The first of the many advantages is the fact that you get your results faster. For many potential international students, timing is an essential factor as they often need to meet deadlines for university applications. And seldom times are these applications made way before the admission deadlines, and thus, the students are frequently required to request their respective institutes to pardon through an expected IELTS result. Through the IELTS Online test, you can acquire your results a good week faster than you could for a paper-based test. It takes 5-6 days to get your results for a computer-based IELTS online test, whereas the paper-based test results take 13 days.

The Writing Module is Now Easier Than Ever!

Additionally, for slow writers or students with admittedly lousy handwriting, the online test is a life-saver. You have the advantage of being able to type in your responses in the writing module, but you need not worry about the word limit. More than often, a worrying factor for many candidates is the hassle of keeping track of the word count. The software used for allowing students to write in their responses during the writing tasks preview lives word counts as you type. So you can concentrate on producing your best answer to the tasks while the AI takes care of your adherence to word count.
Furthermore, there are an awful lot of candidates who come from a working background and thus have an edge against the paper-based test when it comes to typing. The majority of the community is now faster and more efficient in typing on a keyboard than writing on paper. This plays to their advantage as they can effectively use more time on planning and reviewing their response due to the sheer amount of time saved through typing.

Higher Efficiency in the Listening Test

Moreover, the ability to view your listening questions and tables all in one page while listening to the recording means that now you do not have to waste time and potentially miss answers due to turning through pages. A compact view of the entire question slot pertaining to the recording in one pop-up window allows you to concentrate on precisely the portion of the section that you need to. This can be optimally more useful when candidates run the habit of glossing over upcoming questions beforehand, reducing their ability to highlight and focus on the current section effectively.

No More Turning Pages for Your Reading Test

Furthermore, you can view both the passage and the questions at the same time when you are attempting your reading module. This is one of the most significant advantages as you do not have to constantly turn over pages to view the questions and the passage simultaneously. To add to that, you can highlight portions of the text in the passage to review specific texts later on during the test.

Is the Online IELTS Test Right For You?​

Many students are concerned about how effective or worth the online IELTS test is in practice. You need to keep in mind that this is a testing service that is developed to provide flexibility and efficiency for the students. The computer-based premise is designed to concentrate less on the pages and more on the content. However, if you have little to no practice in typing or using a computer, you should take the paper-based exam; or attempt several online mock exams before sitting for your IELTS Online Test.

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