IBA MBA Admission Test Question: What else is tested in the IBA admission test?

As you can see, the content of the IBA admission test is actually not that difficult.

So why is the IBA admission test so difficult and competitive?
This is because the IBA admission tests many of your other skills, which are important in the business world and for future business leaders. If you are wondering to know IBA MBA  admission test questions then read these patterns.

Time management

Time management: Probably the most difficult part of the IBA admission is time management.

There are less than 1.5 minutes per question in the MCQ section. This includes Mathematics and Analytical Ability questions, which take up a lot of thinking and calculating time.

It is on you, the candidate, to know how much time to spend on each question and each section. If you are spending too much time on a single question, you should move on to the next one. If you are spending more than your planned time on a single section, you should probably move on to the next section.

You should not get “stuck” on a question or section, otherwise, you will not have time to answer enough questions in another section!

Remember that you have to pass individually in all sections!

Task prioritization

Task prioritization: All questions are worth 1 mark.

So answering a very difficult question in the Mathematics section will get you the same mark as answering a very easy question in the Mathematics section. So it is up to you to decide which questions to answer first. This also means that if you get stuck on one question, you should just move on to another question without wasting too much time, because all questions are worth 1 mark.

You should also be able to understand your own strengths and weaknesses across each section and assign your time accordingly.

For example, if you have a very fast calculation speed, you can try to “save time” in the Mathematics section to use in the English or Analytical Ability section. If you have very fast reading skills, you can try to “save time” in the English section to use in the Mathematics section.

The Writing section is only 30 minutes long, and usually contains three tasks, which gives around 10 minutes for each writing task. This is actually very little time to write! It is also important not to compromise one writing task for another.

For example, if you spend too much time on one essay, you might not be able to fully complete another essay.

Remember that you have to pass individually on all writing tasks as well!

Presence of mind

Presence of mind: Finally, you must also be able to keep a “cool head”. Panicking or getting too nervous actually harms our thinking skills. 

Given the type of questions that the IBA admission tests ask, the more nervous you become, the more it is likely that you will make mistakes. Also, since there are almost no “common questions”, it is even easier to get nervous when facing completely new questions. 

Exam day performance is extremely important for the IBA admission tests! 

The tests are designed to be like this and make you stressed. But remember that everyone else will be feeling the same pressure as you are, and the calmer you can be, the better you will perform.

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