IELTS Study Plan: IELTS At Home vs. IELTS Coaching

All of us are scrolling through Facebook 24/7, right? And our phones are blowing up with IELTS study tips! One friend says IELTS coaching in Dhaka is the way to go, another suggests uncountable names of IELTS textbooks. 

So, IELTS Coaching or at-home IELTS preparation in Bangladesh? Today, with PIE we’ll help you choose the path that’s perfect for YOU! No matter which option you choose, PIE has the best IELTS study materials in Dhaka to support you in every way! 

IELTS at Home vs. IELTS Coaching 

Preparation for the IELTS Exam can be done in different ways. Here’s how you can get ready:

IELTS at Home

When you study by yourself at home, you have several advantages. Let’s take a quick at them. 

  • Flexibility and Independence: You can choose when and where to study. You can focus on what you need. Set your own pace. No need to rush through topics or feel left behind. You can control the learning speed.
  • Resources and Materials: There are many online resources and books at PIE to help you out. We free online mock tests for IELTS students, e-learning resources, IELTS grammar classes, and online and personalized flexible IELTS class schedules in Bangladesh

IELTS Coaching Classes

If you join classes at PIE, the best IELTS center in Dhaka, you’re on the right path already and one step closer to your desired IELTS score. Let’s check out how beneficial the IELTS coaching in Dhaka is at PIE: 

Hybrid Approach: Combining Both Methods

Why not combine the best of both worlds? Mixing self-study with coaching classes gives you:

Flexibility and Expert Guidance 

You can learn in different ways. If you have read this far, I’m pretty sure you already know what’s up right? No matter which method you choose, PIE’s flexible IELTS class schedule in Bangladesh is always going to be there to support you in your IELTS preparation journey in Bangladesh.  

Best Resources

You use all the tools available at PIE with the best IELTS study materials in Dhaka. For example, our free mock tests for IELTS students, module-wise tests, and e-learning resources

Wait, there’s more. With the help of the top IELTS instructors in Dhaka, PIE is also offering extra IELTS grammar classes and personalized IELTS coaching in Dhaka for the first time ever! 

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Study Plan

Are you confused about which method is the best option for your IELTS comprehensive study plan in Dhaka? Here are some key points you can consider: 

Personal Learning Style 

Choose what fits you best. It completely depends on how you prefer to study and which learning methods are more effective for you. Some of us are more comfortable studying in the morning, while some at the evening. Guess what? PIE offers classes at all times! Weekend, afternoons, mornings, evenings, you name it! PIE’s unlimited IELTS practice sessions in Dhaka are also something you can take advantage of. 


Think about how much you can spend. We have something for everyone! In fact, PIE is also offering IELTS students to attend IELTS classes in multiple batches. For example, you can take a Reading class in one batch and then join a Listening class in another batch. This way, you focus on each IELTS Module and finish your IELTS course in no time! 

Check out the PIE website right now or give us a call. And, we promise you the best services here throughout our six months unlimited IELTS preparation in Dhaka

Time Availability 

Consider when you can study. It will help you focus and make your personalized routine. In fact, PIE offers 1-to-1 sessions for IELTS as well if you enroll in our premium course. On top of that, students can also join regular physical classes at all of our four branches of PIE, the best IELTS center in Dhaka!

PIE is flexible with your IELTS comprehensive study plan in Dhaka, whether you only want one class a week or would rather finish the course in two weeks with several classes a day. IELTS students can study at their own speed and when it’s most convenient with PIE’s flexible IELTS class schedule in Bangladesh.

You can choose if you to go for online classes or in-person classes with PIE. In collaboration with the best IELTS teachers in Bangladesh, you already know you’re getting the best from us! 

Personal Goals

Some of you may want to focus on the IELTS Speaking Module only for example. So, in that case, it’s best to decide and understand our weaknesses from early on. PIE offers English Speaking sessions in Bangladesh at the free Language Club for IELTS students. 

IELTS candidates can sit for IELTS mock tests with us, at PIE to see how well they are doing in each IELTS module. And that’s not all! Students have the opportunity to sit full length, online Speaking mocks and Computer-Based IELTS mock tests here at PIE. 

The best part? PIE is offering all of these services in-campus and online as well! Hurry up and join us at PIE in your IELTS preparation in Bangladesh right now. Wow! Imagine having all these services right at home—so convenient and exciting


There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. The good news? You don’t have to choose blindly between IELTS At Home and IELTS Coaching. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to PIE branches or websites or give us a call to get an IELTS consultation right now! 

Let PIE help you decide what study plan are YOU leaning towards. Whether you prefer personalized 1-to-1 IELTS classes or enjoy learning at home, PIE is your one-stop shop for all your needs! 


Don’t you worry about that! We have a vast range of resources to help you keep track of your IELTS Exam preparation. PIE offers free mock tests for regular students at PIE, module-wise tests, and e-learning resources as well!

Which way works best for you depends on how you learn and what you like. And, on top of all that, PIE’s top IELTS instructors in Dhaka are always there to help you understand the best method.

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