IELTS on Paper vs. Computer: Choose The Best IELTS Test Format

For the majority of the IELTS students, this decision is one of the most easy ones to make: Paper-Based or Computer Based IELTS? Normally, the best course of action is giving an IELTS Mock Exam for both types of the IELTS Test. 

And that’s exactly why PIE has prepared this very important guide to help you decide which IELTS Test format is the best. With the most updated guidelines, and essential tips and strategies, we have got you! 

Let’s take a quick look at some key differences between the Paper-Based and the Computer-Delivered IELTS Test formats: 



Paper-Based IELTS 

Computer-Delivered IELTS 

Test Format 

Traditional Pen & Paper 

Modern Computer-Based











Face-to-face or Video Interview

Face-to-face or Video Interview


13 days

5-7 days

Test Dates & Times 


More options available 


Can make handwritten notes 

Can highlight on  computer screen 

Word-Count & Timer 

Manual word count 

Automatic word count and on-screen timer 


Clear handwriting needed

Typing accuracy important

One Skill Retake 

Not available


Best For

Test-takers comfortable with handwriting

Test-takers comfortable with digital note-taking

Paper-Based IELTS Test

The paper-based IELTS test is the traditional way of the IELTS test. IELTS candidates take this test using paper and pen, and it’s available in many places. 

IELTS candidates can register with PIE at all our branches for the Paper-Based IELTS Test. You can easily get a real feel of the official exam since PIE is an official exam center for IELTS. 

In fact, that’s not all! PIE’s top IELTS instructors in Dhaka are here for you at every step of your IELTS preparation in Bangladesh. Head over to the website right now to check more details about PIE’s unlimited IELTS practice sessions in Dhaka and all about our IELTS comprehensive study plan in Dhaka

IELTS Test Components:

Computer-Delivered IELTS Test

The computer-delivered IELTS test is a modern way to sit for the IELTS test. IELTS candidates can sit for this test on a computer in an official IELTS test center. Did you know that PIE is an official computer-delivered IELTS test center? Not many IELTS candidates know about it! 

In fact, IELTS candidates can try out PIE’s Computer-Delievered IELTS practice tests in Dhaka with us, at all of our four branches! And, that’s not all. After your IELTS mock exam, you can get immediate feedback from our top IELTS instructors in Dhaka. Now, that’s something completely new and innovative! 

IELTS Test Components:

  • IELTS Listening: Listen to recordings and type your answers on the computer screen. Register from PIE for your IELTS registration in Bangladesh, and get a real feel of the IELTS official exam. 
  • IELTS Reading: Read passages and type your answers on the computer screen. If you register for your IELTS mock tests from PIE, the best IELTS center in Dhaka, it’s going to be a piece of cake for you on the exam day! 
  • IELTS Writing: Type your essays on the computer screen. Confused if you can do this actually? Well, what are you waiting for you? Check out PIE’s website right now or contact us for the best IELTS e-learning courses in Bangladesh
  • IELTS Speaking: Have a face-to-face interview with an examiner, just like the paper-based test. You know exactly what to do if you are struggling with the IELTS Speaking Module right? Join PIE’s English Speaking Club in Dhaka with the top IELTS instructors in Dhaka

Advantages of Paper-Based IELTS Exam 

If you like writing by hand, this Paper-Based IELTS Test format is for you. You can make notes and highlight text during the Reading and Writing Modules. Some people just prefer using paper and pen over computers. 

At PIE, IELTS candidates can sit for the best IELTS practice tests in Dhaka. These mock tests are designed just like the real IELTS test with the most comprehensive IELTS study materials in Dhaka. IELTS candidates can even get a real feel of the exam since PIE is an official IELTS exam center. Attending these IELTS mock tests with PIE will take away all your exam fears and nervousness! 

Advantages of Computer-Delivered IELTS Exam 

If you like tying on a computer, this Computer-Delivered IELTS Test format is for you. You can get faster results in 5-7 days, compared to 13 days for the Paper-Based IELTS test. IELTS candidates have more options for test dates and times. Already done with your IELTS registration in Bangladesh with us at PIE? Now, it’s time to attend the most important IELTS mock feedback sessions with the top IELTS instructors in Dhaka. 

Computer-Based IELTS test has an automatic word count and on-screen timer. It’s easy to move between questions on the computer. The Computer-Delivered IELTS test also allows students to sit for the One Skill Retake IELTS Exam. Wondering what’s that? IELTS candidates can retake a single section of the IELTS exam instead of the entire test.

Are you nervous about your Computer-Delivered IELTS test still? Don’t wait anymore and get access to PIE’s IELTS e-learning courses in Bangladesh right now!  

How to Choose Between Computer-Delivered and Paper-Based IELTS

When you are deciding which IELTS Test format is best for you, let’s check out what factors should IELTS candidates consider. 

  • Are you more comfortable with computers or paper? 
  • Do you type faster and more accurately?
  • Do you have a clear handwriting? 
  • Do you want faster results?
  • Do you want to sit for the IELTS Test immediately? 

If you have these answers, you already know what to do! Still confused? Don’t you worry at all! Of course, at PIE, our top IELTS instructors in Dhaka will help you make the best decision. You can give us a call for an IELTS consultation or check out the PIE website right now. 

Still Undecided? Try Them Both! That’s why PIE’s offers a unique benefit: the opportunity to try out both Computer-Based Testing (CBT) and Paper-Based Testing (PBT). After all, it’s your future right? It’s always a good idea to take your time and find the best solution.

Ready to Get Started?


Remember, there’s no single “correct” IELTS Test format – it’s all about personal preference. You can get the best support and tools from PIE,

 best IELTS center in Dhaka  to help you do well on your IELTS test, whether you take it on paper or on a computer. With top IELTS instructors in Dhaka, personalized IELTS coaching in Dhaka, and unlimited IELTS practice sessions in Dhaka available at all our branches in Dhaka, PIE is your best partner for IELTS preparation!

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