How to Practice IELTS Speaking with a Partner

Speaking is often the most difficult part of the IELTS test for many students. That’s why we’re here to talk about it today. With the right practice and support, you can improve. At PIE, we offer the help you need to succeed in your IELTS Speaking Test

Practicing with a partner is one of the best ways to improve your IELTS speaking skills. You can ask each other questions and help correct each other’s mistakes. Plus, it’s more fun and less stressful than practicing alone. To get a better IELTS speaking score, find a partner and start practicing with them right away! 

Can’t find a partner? We have the perfect solution for you. Come and join us! At PIE, we offer classes that pair you with a speaking partner, making your practice sessions more effective and enjoyable.

Why Practice with an IELTS Speaking Partner? 

There are a bunch of advantages of practicing IELTS Speaking with a partner. Let’s look at some of them right now.

Real Conversations

When you practice with a partner, it’s like talking to a friend. You don’t feel like you’re on a test. This helps you speak more like you do in everyday life. When you speak naturally, it’s easier for you during your IELTS Speaking Test

In our IELTS Speaking feedback sessions at PIE, the best IELTS center in Dhaka, we focus on the importance of practicing real conversations. 

Instant Feedback

When you make a mistake, your partner can tell you right away. They can help you say it correctly. This helps you learn faster. You don’t have to wait for a teacher to correct you. Getting feedback right away helps you improve quickly. 

This instant feedback is a key part of PIE’s personalized IELTS coaching in Dhaka, helping students progress quickly. 

Build Confidence

The more you speak, the more confident you become. At first, you might feel shy or nervous. But with practice, you start feeling more comfortable. Confidence is important for doing well in the speaking test.

At PIE, in our English Development courses in Dhaka, we focus on building confidence through regular practice.

How Can I Find an IELTS Speaking Partner? 

When you’re looking for a partner, it’s important to find someone who is kind and understanding. You want someone who will listen to you and help you without getting upset if you make mistakes. 

Your friends or family members can be great partners. Since you already know them, you will be comfortable as well. Classmates who are learning English with you, are also a good choice for your IELTS Speaking partner. If your friends and family don’t understand English, you can also find partners online. 

At PIE, we help students find suitable practice partners at our English Speaking Club in Dhaka


Easy Ways to Practice with IELTS Speaking Partner

Everyone has their unique methods of practice. We have tried to suggest the most effective and easy ways to practice IELTS Speaking with a partner. Let’s check them out!


Decide on a time each day when you and your partner can practice speaking together. Regular practice is key, as we focus here at PIE, on our flexible IELTS class schedule in Bangladesh. 

Come join us and take advantage of our exclusive 1-on-1 services at PIE, anytime and anywhere! Practice with our expert teachers as partners, and get your desired score. 


Find a quiet place where there are no distractions so you can focus on speaking. At PIE, you can use our quiet rooms or join our 1-1 sessions. This helps you practice better. No other IELTS Centre in Bangladesh offers this.

Example Questions

Practice asking and answering questions about everyday topics like hobbies, family, or travel. These are common topics in our unlimited IELTS Practice Test sessions in Dhaka, at PIE. 


Pretend to be the examiner and the test-taker, asking and answering questions as if you were in the IELTS Speaking Test

Our teachers at PIE help you identify mistakes and give you feedback after the mock sessions. This way, you can have an idea and practice easily at home. 

Use Cue Cards 

Make small cards with different topics written on them. Pick a card and talk about that topic with your partner. Our teachers at PIE provide cue cards and guide you through these exercises, like a breeze! Now you can practice like that at home, very easily. 

Record Yourself

Use your phone or a recorder to record your conversations. Listen back to them to see how you can improve.


After each practice session, give each other feedback on how you spoke. Encourage each other to do better next time. 

This is a crucial part of our IELTS Coaching in Dhaka at PIE at our English Speaking Club in Dhaka and Mocks offered. The feedback is based on IELTS grading criteria. This helps you take steps to achieve the best grade in IELTS.  You can use this feedback easily to prepare for your exam and get your desired score.  


Practice speaking for 1-2 minutes on different topics to get used to speaking within the time limits of the IELTS speaking test.

Speak Slowly 

Take your time to think about what you want to say. Speak slowly and clearly so your partner can understand you.

 Use Simple Words 

Don’t try to use complicated words. Use simple words that you know well to express yourself.


Pay attention to how you say words. Practice saying them clearly and accurately. This is often practiced in PIE, in all of our English Speaking Courses in Dhaka offered currently.

We offer a flexible IELTS class schedule in Bangladesh and many practice opportunities. Learn from the best and improve your pronunciation with us! You can also join our English Speaking Club in Dhaka, to receive IELTS speaking feedback from our experts. 

Video Calls 

Use apps like Skype or Zoom to practice speaking with your partner over video calls. Here at PIE,  we offer our students help with technology, in case you’re not used to it. We will provide everything you need. 

Online Resources

Use websites and apps that offer practice exercises and sample questions for the IELTS speaking test. At PIE, these are often recommended in our IELTS coaching centers in Dhaka. You can also use our vast and rich sources available at  

Be Confident

Take deep breaths and tell yourself it’s okay to make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, and it’s part of learning.

Be Comfortable

Start with easy topics and gradually talk about more difficult ones as you become more confident.

Be Regular

Even if you’re busy, try to find just 10-15 minutes a day to practice speaking with your partner. Every little bit helps.

Final Thoughts 

Remember, it’s okay to make mistakes – that’s how we learn. Keep practicing regularly, and you’ll see your confidence grow. You can do well in the IELTS Speaking test if you are patient and determined. Best of luck to all of you! 

Join us at PIE, the best IELTS Centre in Dhaka today! For more information, visit our website or contact us directly. We are here to help you succeed in the IELTS Speaking Test.

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